What It Takes to Be a Successful Business Woman

What It Takes to Be a Successful Business Woman

Cindy Cobos discusses what it takes for women to succeed in the business world. Stressing the importance of vision and mental toughness, Cobos offers advice for women on becoming leaders in business.

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Edward Nelson says:

The first thingit takes is a mastery of the fundamentals of language. Learn to spell. It's "businesswoman" not Business Woman.

Pawan Singh says:

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Naina Vaswani says:

Its really to good…….thanks…….

Fury Of Titans says:

So basically not having kids and taking cocaine to stay awake the whole 17h you work a day.
I'm kidding, but it's true that excessive work can drive you crazy if you're not mentally strong.

Lina _ says:

This was excellent to watch, I kept nodding my head throughout because she touched on some very important points. Being frustrated with where you currently are and mental toughness is very important.

jkuma says:

A "business women" that successfully scams people PHP is a pyramid scheme

Daniel Woods says:

I can see her strutting down the hall in the morning with her high heels clicking on the floor and her hot coffee in her hand with her large laptop case & briefcase. Shes such a business woman, she means business.

Maureen O’Connell says:

Some very helpful insights.

rubel siddique says:

women should depand on their earning money and make own personality. And should not sell their body to men..

Luna Vega says:

Well said and great advice, subscribed and also might want to check some of my stuffs on my channel, and please subscribe as well 🙂

Chris Ulander says:

What kind of business can you be successful with in the kitchen?

Your-Food Delivery says:

Great points made from a woman's point of view.  Well spoken, and on point information.  Please keep sharing videos like this.

*Porcelain Doll* says:

Well Said!! Thanks

kiz moore says:

Great advice!

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